Testing FT232

If you have gone through my previous post, you must have known Why I discarded MCCP2210 . Next time I tried FT232 because of few reasons .It has a huge community around it. It’s pretty simple to use & you can find the Eagle library online .FT232 is a USB to UART converter chip that means i need one more Micro controller to send the data from UART to SPI . Note : My goal was to interface NRF24L01 with the PC NRF24L01 doesn’t support UART.  I had one AVR atmega16 laying on my table I thought It would act as a bridge between UART & SPI.


Choosing Atmega16 to act as a bridge between UART and SPI.

I know that Atmega16 clocks at 8Mhz & it’s UART can work at a speed of 2Mbps .The problem is with this speed you would have no cycles left to perform other tasks such as configuring the NRF24L01. There is also another problem i’e BOM of the end device will increase because neither Atmega16 nor FT232 is cheap.

However I have tried FT232 with my own PCB click below to download the files.


FT232 files.

In my next post i will show, how to use STM32F103 as a USB converter.



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