Most of the times Embedded developers work on C  and C provides only one way to store large data files and that’s ARRAY .In order to store an image file on flash of a MCU we first need to convert it to a RGB array.I have made a application that converts any image file into a RGB array .It stores the data onto clipboard so that it can be pasted on any text editing software or in your IDE directly.

File Size: 130 kb
File Type: exe

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In order to use it just set your desired resolution  and hit convert.After this you will have all the RGB values in your clipboard.Then you can open word pad and paste to see all the data. 
Pixel order is Red,green then blue.Starting values in the array are for top left corner and ending values are for bottom right.
Here is the preview of the Application .If you want to modify  the software then download the source codes from below .It’s made in C# & Visual Studio 2010 so make sure you have VS10 in your computer  .

File Size: 196 kb
File Type: rar

Download File

For any doubts comment below.