CC2544 OR NRF24L01

Once I was attracted towards CC2544 by it’s price but that turned into a trap for me.TI is one the best companies when it comes to free samples .They will provide it  for free .you would receive the components at your door step  with in three days of order placement. They even pay the shipping charges . When i was ordering them shipping charges to my country was 30$ and i got it for 0$  because they had payed it. I was excited looking at the components .

They provide cc2544 in qfn package they also have a lot of documentations regarding antenna design .I also downloaded one reference design for this chip .However I realized that “what looked free so far is  is not free ” .you have to build a PCB for it , purchase components according to their reference design and finally you have to purchase the CC debugger and pay the shipping charges . with that much of cost you can easily et 10-20 NRF24l01 modules . just connect it and start coding ….#include —.h. 

As i am quite good at doing mistakes this was another mistake i did . although i designed the pcb and schematics i never tested them . If you want to do this mistake please check the designs before you fabricate it.


CC2544-Mystry CC2544-Mystry2


Download the .ZIP files from below

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