Bluetooth Module With STM8S

Hi , Nowadays I am experimenting with HC-06 modules that I purchased from .Those are quite cheap there. Not to mention shipping was disgusting . I received them after 60 days of ordering . Well I could have used STM32F4 board that I have but I didn’t because No commercial company would do that & that will be waste of computing power as well as money . I live in India  and STM8S003 is the cheapest MCU available in Indian Market . It costs around Rs 54/Unit ( that’s 0.93 USD) .

here are few pictures of the board i have developed


Remember when you choose STM8s003 as the MCU  you have to have a ST link .STM8S003 doesn’t have UART boot loader  hence, the only way remains is SWIM protocol  & ST link .



When designing the PCB make sure you choose 0805 packages .If you accidentally select 0402 packages then you are going to have a tough time soldering the components on to the board.

Keep visiting. In my next post i will share about the android app & how you can write one.




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