A Simple 2D game with Unity

Now a days I am more into Game development and I think it’s more pleasing than embedded . Most importantly I don’t have to worry about the hardware anymore . You may have seen my previous posts where I used unity to do some tricks . My 1st game called  Earth Wars 3d got more than 500k+ game plays with in 30 days but I don’t Like it’s game play, it was not that exciting .Recently I made this 2d game called Poke D bubble and I am pretty sure you can’t stop playing it, once you start it . Here are few of the screenshots from the development version .




It’s available on Google Play Store :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.php.pokedbubble&hl=en




I do what I love. There is a famous quote "Love the process not the product " & I think this is what differentiates developers from consumers .